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Floor developped in conjunction with farmers of dairy cattle.

About  us

Berkel Concrete is a very new founded dynamic company. During the past 20 years, we have collected a lot of experiences in developping and producing of various kinds of concrete products, both in living houses and in utility constructions and further more in the agricultural sector. This applies for prefab concrete industry and on building sites.

The agricultural sector became during the passed 10 years a lot of attention and especially the development of excellentcattle grids.
At the end of the 90th  the so called Green Lable cow-houses enjoyed a lot of attention. We have been one of the first manufacturers who was closely involved in the development of the latest floors for this purpose.
Our starting principle was that floors with significant improvements had to be developped, together with a reduction of emission.We had to bear in mind the walking qualities and welfare of the cows.
The knowledge how to reduce emission, was still in it’s infancy, and almost right from the start the interest in Green Label cow-houses stopped; many reasons can be mentioned.
Last year, the development of emission poor floors has returned, as the Department of the Environment started to ask more questions and more requirements, with the result that in 2013 it will be an obligation to build in an emission poor way. 


Ammonia arises from a reaction of urine and solid dung. The ureum in the urine is a product of the convertibility from protein inside the intestines. Enzym is needed for the convertibility of ureum. This is found inside the feces and also on the surfaces that has been in contact with feces. Besides, it contains the bottom of urease builders. The convertibility of ureum takes place very quickly, within a few hours.
The value of emission is 7,1kg/NH3 annualy for each standing place when grazing, and 8,1 kg/NH3 if permantly in a cow-house. The exact values differ for every cow-house; this depends on the design of a cow-house.


Many talks with farmers of dairy cattle and from experience have shown that many substantial animal factors determine the welfare of dairy cattle e.g.cause diseases and the various kinds of limitations of the behaviour like disrupted locomotion and affection of the claws of cattle that disturb the welfare of an animal. Animals suffer from pain, are limited in their behaviour and meeting the demands of the biological needs. The environment and the floor in which the cows are located, are of significant importance for causing claw diseases and disturbed locomotion. A bad floor may lead to a disturbed locomotion and to a change in the daily usual activities. Lameness and injury lead to a change the way they will lay down, of selfcare and social interactions. Animals with lameness walk less on inferior floors, and if they lay down, they will lay down a considerably longer time. They avoid the behaviours in waiting rooms, in sloopy waiting rooms and for sure  the descending paths on which they have insufficient grip, a disturbed locomotion will come. Our experiences during many years, knowledge as an concreteologist, we found out on what floors the cows are feeling most confortably, larger or smaller surfaces, bigger or smaller grooves, wet or dry surfaces. Inside the drying dung, influence of the fodder, straw, sand, rubber etc. in the boxes. Do not forget the intensity a cow-house is used by young or dairy cattle. In the last years we have spoken to many farmers of dairy cattle , and their comments, remarks and their wishes, failures of the present familiar floors, we have translated all this into a new concept

“The Durabilityfloor“ 

Starting points have been:

  • Welfare of the cows
  • Avoid claw and leg injuries
  • Excellent walking conditions
  • Maximum grip
  • Suitable for all kinds of floor covering (straw, etc.)
  • Not too big / deep grooves
  • No desiccation of dung
  • Excellent locomotion
  • Easer perception of fecundity
  • Emission poor
  • Free from any obstructions for dung slides or dung robots
  • Smooth floors, no slopes
  • Excellent seal up of the grooves
  • Durability
  • Competitive


Farmers with dairy cattle are telling us that cows do not like sloopy surfaces. When testing, you wil see that cows are feeling more confident on a flat surface with the same profile. The articulations of a cow will be loaded in a better proportinal way on a flat surface and will have less problems with their articulations. They should stand flat with their claws as well; for example, if you would have to put your feet on a spherical floor, you will be gladly looking for a flat surface. Cows are not pleased with it either, and on the long run signs of wear will occur in the articulations, with the result feeling less comfortable, so decreased welfare, which will have of course negative influence on the milk production.

A cow will feel comfortable on a floor with excellent walking conditions and it has a positive result on her welfare. During the years, we have collected a lot of experiences and the farmers of dairy cattle who have identical floors say, the claws will wear out more equally; every 2 or 3 years the claws have te be pared only once. This is very unique and saves a lot of costs, and this again contributes  both to the farmers and to his cows.

It is well known that dung will become slippery in case of desiccation. Consequently, many problems will arise with regard to the walking conditions of the cows, think of rupture of muscles, fears, diseases, milk production, fecundity. The welfare of the animal could be involved in a negative way.

Various farmers of dairy cattle have already indicated that by eventually sprinkling with water lightly, the dung will not coagulate, and the floor will not become slippery. Besides, the cows would like sprinkling as well.

All criteria a floor has to meet, are in fact basics. In cooperation with other farmers of dairy cattle, we have all this combined into our Durabilityfloor.

We have choosen purposefully not to produce the Durabilityfloors mechanically, like the usual cattle grids are produced, or like the other manufactures of emission poor floors. In this respect, we are different when producing emission poor floors. The profiles are dumped into fixed moulds at conditioned circumstances. The result is a very steadiness and flat product, with an accuracy that cannot be realized mechanically. The structure of the concrete on the walking surface is important as well. By dumping the profiles in the right way, a floor with a long durability and of a high quality is the result.
The walking surface is on the bottom of the moulds. Combined with selffabricated concrete a compact surface will be obtained and in which you will find only a few air bubbles.
The advange is that the concrete will hardly absorb any humidity and less coagulation of dung will take place. The profiles from highly qualified concrete are dumped and meet the highest standards, like environmental qualification XA-3 and a concrete quality of C-35/45, highly valued.
The excellent high quality of the concrete is the explanation that the walking surface does hardly wear off by a dung slide. The payload of a durability floor is at least 4 tons.

Cellar sealing

The bottom grooves in which the dung is shoven, can be sealed very easily. It is a simple solution for many years. We do not think of ingenious solutions that may not work properly in the coming 10 years. Our system is very cheap and easy te replace. Practice has already made many farmers enthusiast and they love our system.

Berkel Beton produces her concrete profiles for the agricultural sector inside a spa3cious hall, provided with the appropriate supplies. Many years of experiences e.g. as a  concreteologist and working for farmers of dairy cattle, and experience of agricutural concrete, we have develloped – and are able to supply a very large scale of appropriate products that will meet nearly any demands. 

The continuous supervision of the production, the continuous development, and by excluding the wellknown problems within the existing solid floor systems, the Durabilityfloor has obtained its unique quality and character. The highest priority of Berkel Beton are the interest and the welfare of the animal, so that dairy cattle will have the utmost walking conditions and grip on our floors.

If you are considering to have build, rebuild or renovate, thinking of MDV or Natura 2000, we will be the right company to get in touch with.

Please do not hesitate to send us your eventual questions, demands or requirements; we are too pleased to be of your assistance, to make an appointment – without engagement and free of charge of course – and take the advantages of the expertise of our highly qualified staff.